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One of the things that really gets me going…

What am I talking about?


There is nothing more erotic and sexy then looking at pictures of our imagination in snapshots. Big eyes and unreal porn barbie body features. If you could put unlimited imagination covered with desires on the peace of paper this is it. Sex comics are the most underappreciated forms of erotic stimulation.

But at the same time it trains whats the most important in sex which is imagination. We can’t reveal the full story from beginning to an end because it creates no room to ask yourself what if.

Porn on the other hand ruins people desire over time through showing it all. Sex comics are the alternative but for me and many more is primary sexual fantasy world.

On this website we will talk about sex toys as well. Through comics and readers who will submit their comics we will move sex toy shame conversation in the right direction. There is many people who feel shamed for loving sex and sex toys. This is space for openness and finding community that will give you sense of belonging. We are look forward to that the most… for now that’s it.

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